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Improving Higher Education... The Community Way

We all want to see our society and economy thrive, and that depends on having enough talented, educated people. Developing people is a primary purpose of our education system. However, way too much money is being spent in areas that don’t support this fundamental mission. The cost of education must be reduced. But, with overburdened faculty and declining funding, identifying areas for cost savings is not an easy task.

Here’s the spot for cost savings.
It is estimated that higher education institutions have spent five to ten BILLION dollars in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations and upgrades in the past several years! Yet, despite the expenses and mixed results with proprietary ERPs, many are continuing to throw more money at ERP technology with upgrades at an even higher price tag.

There is a better alternative.
Imagine a future where millions of dollars in ERP savings can be directed toward the core mission of academia. Eight years ago a community of higher education organizations came together to develop Kuali, an administrative software suite built by higher education, for higher education (open source and license free).

Is Kuali ERP worth evaluating? Decide for yourself.
rSmart empowers colleges and universities to step away from proprietary, legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and embrace Kuali community-source technologies. Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and lower risk with rSmart.

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